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Resection solution

Complete solution for operative hysteroscopy, TUR-B and TUR-P

We offer an effective complete system for hysteroscopy, cystoscopy and resections, providing surgeons with a seamless and efficient solution for a range of procedures.

The VIRON 1 full HD imaging systems and innovative resectoscopes, supported by the highCUT bipolar mode of the VIO® 3 electrosurgical unit. All from a single source. Everything is designed with the goal of optimal resection of your choice, both bipolar or monopolar.

The power of Imaging!

Clinical application videos

Bipolar transcervical resection (TCR) of myomas with VIO® 3 and the 18,5 CH bipolar mini resectoscope

Bipolar transcervical resection (TCR) of fibroids with VIO® 3 and the 18,5 CH bipolar mini resectoscope

Clinical setup for gynecology and urology

18.5 CH bipolar mini resectoscope with passive working element and standard coupler for gynecology

26 CH bipolar resectoscope with active working element and angled coupler for urology



The resectoscope portfolio offers a versatile range to meet different application needs. The Quick Lock feature facilitates rapid opening and closing of the outer and inner sheaths. Active and passive working elements are available for both monopolar and bipolar applications.

18.5 CH Bipolar Mini Resectoscope

26 CH Monopolar and bipolar standard resectoscopes with passive working element

26 CH Monopolar and bipolar standard resectoscopes with active working element

VIO® 3 with highCUT bipolar


The highCUT bipolar mode of the VIO® 3 electrosurgical generator enables immediate, delay-free incision with our PowerPeakSystem PPS. During the course of resection, the highCUT bipolar mode responds quickly and directly to changing parameters and keeps the cut homogeneous. Experience the clear visualisation of the surgical image with our VIRON 1 Full HD.

Discover the advantages of this mode:

  • Fast incision due to immediate plasma ignition 
  • Continuous and fast cutting 
  • Homogeneous and reproducible tissue effects 
  • Excellent hemostasis with smooth incision edges 
  • Less bleeding offers better visual conditions

Ergonomic and lightweight camera head


Experience the clear visualisation of the surgical image with our VIRON 1 Full HD camera system and unmatched comfort! We understand the importance of comfort during surgical procedures. That‘s why we have designed the VIRON 1 camera head to be lightweight and ergonomic, reducing fatigue and ensuring ease of use for surgeons and medical professionals.

Camera head with standard coupler

Camera head with 90° angeled coupler

VIRON 1 Full HD Imaging System



The camera control unit comes with an integrated full HD recording feature to capture images and videos on an external usb device.

LED 610

Powerful light source enables impeccable visibility of anatomic structures during surgical conditions.


Multiuse pump for distension of body cavities, fluid suction and irrigation.


Medical grade monitors for demanding use in the operating room.